Making Higher Education Affordable

September 9, 2014
Governor Branstad is committed to helping Iowa students achieve their higher education dreams and keeping the pursuit of those dreams affordable. Read the Governor's proposals on how education reform. ...

Jack Hatch’s Week in Review

August 29, 2014
As we enter the final 67 days of the campaign, Governor Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Reynolds continue to crisscross the state, speaking with and listening to Iowans in every county. In fact, they have visited every county in the state this year, making that four years in a row for Iowa's Team! Meanwhile, Jack Hatch is ducking questions from the media, refusing to release the tax returns that he agreed to disclose and dodging Iowans' concerns about using his Senate seat for personal financial gain. Quite the contrast! ...

Connect Every Acre

August 14, 2014
In 2014 Governor Branstad offered a “Connect Every Iowan” broadband initiative to help bridge the digital divide and better deploy technology assets across all of Iowa. Looking forward, in addition to initiatives to better connect Iowans, Governor Branstad now brings additional solutions that recognize the critical broadband needs of rural Iowa, particularly in regards to economic development and the revolutionary new opportunities for economic growth in rural Iowa as our agricultural producers adopt and deploy new data-driven technologies in the field. ...