Where is Jack Hatch Hiding?

April 22, 2014
Yesterday, we asked "What is Jack Hatch hiding?" since he had agreed, and then refused, to release more than one year of tax returns. Today, we're flat out asking, "Where is Jack Hatch hiding?" It is the 100th day of the legislative session and their business should be wrapping up. Yet, the agenda is at a standstill and Jack Hatch is nowhere to be found. ...

What is Jack Hatch Hiding?

April 15, 2014
On Wednesday, Gov. Branstad will release his joint tax return for the fifth straight year, with nothing to hide.  Jack Hatch? Just hours after his campaign said he’d be willing to release his tax returns, they abruptly reversed course. ...

Branstad-Reynolds Name Sen. Grassley, Rep. King and Rep. Latham as Co-Chairs of Campaign

April 10, 2014
The Branstad-Reynolds campaign today announced that Senator Chuck Grassley, Representative Steve King and Representative Tom Latham will serve as co-chairs of the grassroots-driven campaign to Build Iowa's Future. Grassley, King and Latham are joining a team with a record of transformational education reform, historic tax cuts, balanced budgets now and into the future, and more than 120,000 new jobs created. They also join Rose Mitchell, chair of the Branstad-Reynolds campaign, and more than 2,000 county co-chairs from all 99 counties who recognize the importance of re-electing Branstad-Reynolds so that the governor and lieutenant governor can continue to implement their bold agenda for the state. ...